Highly experienced cosmetics OEM/ODM company from planning, production to promotion.

MIC Highly experienced cosmetics OEM/ODM
company from planning, production to promotion.

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Total solution from planning, production, promotion to export

More than 30 years of experience, we provide high level total development solution
through out planning and production.
By listening to direct voices of end customers from various sales channel such as drug store, variety store,
aesthetic center and beauty salon,
Our developers can provide ‘market-friendly’ consulting about cost, ingredient, promotion and marketing.

Make full use of group company’s production & sales experience

Our group company, HB MIC, has own brands sold in various sales channel which let MIC suggest more professionally.

Professional in organic & natural products

Highly experienced in Organic & Natural cosmetics development with preservatives free or surfactant free.
We also have a wealth of experience on certifications.

From export process clearance to global coverage of product liability insurance

Since our own brands have been exported to  more than 23 countries,
we have rich experience about local regulation, registration or delivery.
No worries on the overseas shipment since the coverage of our product liability insurance is worldwide.

Efforts to improve productivity

By linking the automatic dust machine and belt conveyor to the shrinker,
we are trying to improve productivity and work efficiency.

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Feature of our OEM

Items we can provide

Other items we can provide

Salon for professional use:Cosmetic for beauty salon and Business use, Perm agents for hair salons, treatment agents, shampoo, treatments, etc.
Promotion tools:brochure, POP, paper display, leaflet, etc.
Promotion:Press release, Publicity, website production, SNS marketing

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We are offering cosmetic OEM that include planning, manufacture,
sales promotion and export services optimal for customers
with based on know-how on developing cosmetics for over years.
If you have any OEM manufacturing issues, please feel free to contact us.

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