Highly experienced cosmetics OEM/ODM company from planning, production to promotion.

MIC Highly experienced cosmetics OEM/ODM
company from planning, production to promotion.

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Quality of MICFeature

True partner
for cosmetics development and sales

Different from ordinary OEM business, we provide a total support to our customers
such as marketing, planning, design, production, promotion and sales.
We hope to be your true partner who investigate your market together and try to catch the real needs of consumers.

Who choose us

  • wants to start cosmetic business with no experiences
  • wants to make welcomed cosmetic item, but have no ideas
    on the kind of product and promotion.
  • wants to make cosmetics with specific ingredients
  • already has the concept of cosmetics, but has difficulty on
    setting the sales point and promotion method
  • wants to make easy-to-sell unique cosmetics

We can make OEM/ODM
with rich experience on our own brand business

Good-selling cosmetics from OEM/ODM start from customer’s marketing.
Based on customer’s requirement, we suggest good-sold cosmetics concept
to our customer from our rich experience.

Total support from planning to sales

We provide total support as cosmetics OEM/ODM from product concept, promotion method, planning and
development to design, with local regulation and registration.
Please feel free to contact us even if you don’t have any experience in cosmetics.

International organic certification

Thanks to many years of BDIH certification & renewal experience for our own branded organic cosmetics,
we can meet the increased demands on organic & natural cosmetics.

Minimum lot available from 100 pcs.

From 100 pcs. of small lot is available for reducing customer’s risk on stock or finance
※There’s some limitation for minimum lot

Safe for overseas business

Demands from overseas market are getting higher along with the increase of visitors.
Our insurance coverage for product liability is worldwide, we can support export clearance and local registration as well.

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We are offering cosmetic OEM that include planning, manufacture,
sales promotion and export services optimal for customers
with based on know-how on developing cosmetics for over years.
If you have any OEM manufacturing issues, please feel free to contact us.

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